Our philosophy

our history

The beginning

It all started with Laurent, an eternal surfer, who traveled the world in search of the perfect wave. From Gold Coast in Australia via the magical reefs of Sunset Cliff in California, he returns to Europe to continue his trip. From endless surf sessions between “bros”, to barbecue/drink evenings at the municipal campsite of Seignosse, Laurent has fun, shares, exchanges, learns and remembers from all these encounters. What fun... Suddenly an irrepressible desire to “write this lovely story” and materialize it into something strong. Passionate about fashion, he had the idea of ​​creating a new label. A brand that reflects its vision of life: beautiful, surprising and daring! Small problem, Laurent has a lot of talents but the little drawing fairy passed by his cradle without stopping. However, as life is still well done, he crosses paths with Benoit, a young designer who is as generous as he is talented in the art of graphic design and completely addicted to snowboarding and snowmobiling! A committed rider, Benoit knows the technical side of ski products well and cannot identify with a brand. It only took one evening for our two friends, sharing a few tacos facing the sea, to decide to embark on this new adventure, a dream, their dream, between botton-turn and halp pipe, the link between surf and snow… WA ves T o T he S now…. WATTS was born!

Our history

The adventure goes on

WATTS is a brand that reflects the spirit of its team, “the family” as Laurent calls it. After Laurent and Benoit, it is Audrey who joins the adventure. A young modeler as talented as she is precise in her movements, in her measurements... She structures and gives shape to their craziest ideas. And then as one Audrey wasn't enough they found Audrey. B. No, no, it’s not a waste! Audrey.B is rigor in a silk glove, or powder on a beautiful first layer if you prefer... She allows everything to go well and partnerships to flourish. Between them, they form the Fantastic 4, but as Marvel had already registered the name they are called the WATTS TEAM. Today, WATTS makes people dream, with its multitude of dazzling colors on ever more advanced ranges of technical products, adopting a unique style, extraordinary agility, and always with a notion of sincere pleasure to share. WATTS thus expresses its values ​​through its ultra-vitamin creations, with a daring mixture of the energies of skiing, even bringing an original connection between urban, musical, artistic and above all human influences. The WATTS team imagines new products every day that invite you to shake up technical codes. WATTS boldly displays creations full of contrasts, colors, which will mark your difference, on all spots, in summer as in winter, Surfing or Skiing, Wakeboarding or Skateboarding... And will definitely make your “Ride” different and maybe even your vision of life more colorful! WATTS #RideDifferent